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Body Massage
Massage & Body Treatments


Massage & Body Treatments

30 Minute Tension Relief

Bring therapeutic synchrony to the body in a specific target area such as neck and shoulders, or lower back with our 30 min, Tension relief. Great for maintenance in between your full massages!


Deep Tissue Relief

Relieve your senses with this firm and in depth massage to correct extreme tension and pain. Bring your mind into a state of well being with potent aromatherapy throughout the massage.

-60 mins


Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap

Begin with an all over coconut sugar body scrub to reveal fresh and youthful skin. Next, Infuse the skin with potent, antioxidant-rich cocoa, macadamia nut oil, almond and jojoba oil to soften & hydrate in a warm wrap. Last, enjoy a luxurious hazelnut hydrating treatment applied to the skin leaving your skin tightened, renewed and glowing. 
- 90 Minutes


Couples Massage

Receive one hour of couple's massage therapy from head to toe in a private room with our wonderful massage therapists! It will be a bonding experience you won't forget. Bring a bottle of wine to share. Couples massage are usually available Saturdays but book up in advance. In order to book online, book two therapeutic massages separately and add "couples" in the notes.

-60 mins


60 Minute Therapeutic

Unwind and release tension & stress with medium to light pressure with our 1 hour therapeutic. Enjoy your choice of Essential oil for usage during the service.


Prenatal Massage

Nurture and soothe your body physically & emotionally to strengthen and protect both the body & baby, allowing you to carry with ease during pregnancy. Tired muscles will feel soothed & refreshed, and your mind in a state of serenity.

-60 mins


Stone Crop Body Wrap

Begin with a light exfoliation to draw out toxins and remove dead skin build up from the surface of the skin. Infuse hydrating stone crop, aloe, and  horsetail to break up cellulite build up and improve skin hydration, tone and firmness while resting inside a warm wrap. Relax with a warm coconut cream body application, enabling you to walk out hydrated, refreshed, with an all-over youthful glow. 
- 90 Minutes


Wellness Services

Nutrition Coaching

Cater to your body's needs with the guidance of a trained and certified Nutrition Counselor to uncover the root causes of your health issues. Book a complementary strategy session to see if its for you.
- 1 Hour


Life Coaching

Cater to your soul & spirit with a trained professional utilizing Christian principles and concepts giving your life the centered guidance you seek. Book a complementary strategy session to see if its for you.
- 1 Hour


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