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Facials & Lashes


Facials & Lashes

Classic European Facial

Enjoy the soothing experience of a vitamin-packed organic facial to brighten, hydrate and reduce visible signs of aging. Improve the appearance of the skin’s elasticity with potent extracts of leafy greens and avocado. Experience a relaxing scalp, facial, and hand massage to enter into a tranquil state of well-being and leave with refreshed and balanced skin.
- 75 Mins


Blue Glacier Cryotherapy

Slide away into a glacier wonderland as you experience the cooling, soothing benefits of cryotherapy sphere massage, smooth as glass, to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce redness, pore size and puffiness, and to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Enjoy an invigorating Blue Glacier Cryo Hydrojelly masque laden with glacier clay, gotu kola, potassium and magnesium to restore scarring, reduce blemishes, promote collagen synthesis and sooth sensitive skin. Finish with a hydrating infusion of choice finishing products and head home with tight, smooth and youthful skin.

-90 Mins


Deep Detoxification

Loosen and remove impurities with charcoal, malachite gemstones and blue matcha, allowing the skin to recuperate from toxins in the environment while also giving the skin plenty of time for a more specialized extraction. Proceed to have the pores opened and blood flow stimulated with our Hungarian Herbal mud treatment which also contains Ivy, sage and cinnamon to stimulate and refresh the skin. Sterilize the skin with a relaxing blue light therapy treatment. Finish with a concoction of moisturizing botanicals leaving the well-balanced and hydrated.
- 90 Mins


Signature Facial

Begin by experiencing a Enzymatic Pro Peel to lessen the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and aging as it exfoliates away the outer layer of dead skin cells. Enjoy an infusion of Stabilized Vitamin C, Vitamin C Salt, Vitamin E, potent leafy greens, and botanical hyaluronic acid to firm, brighten and hydrate the skin. The facial comes with a Hydro-jelly vitamin C mask  to further propel these ingredients into the skin. Enjoy a long and indulgent scalp, facial, hand and arm massage to bring the body into a state of well-being.
- 90 Mins


Advanced Acne Treatment

Experience a deep treatment cleanse and salicylic acid peel to remove clogged oil and dead skin from the surface while laying under a cascade of steam. Receive a thorough extraction & high frequency treatment.  Enjoy a rich clay masque laden with basil oil, sulfur, and encapsulated salicylic acid to balance excess oil and bacteria in the skin. Receive a sterilizing blue light therapy treatment followed by an infusion of lotus, zinc hyaluronate and arbutus to hydrate, brighten and improve acne scar appearance.
- 90 mins


Lash Lift

Give your lashes a wide awake, yet natural look to brighten up the eyes with the famous and hypoallergenic Sugar Lash product line. Can also be added on to a facial.
- With a Tint - $88


Ageless Renewal Facial

Begin with an eminence peel appropriate for your skin, with the option for a gentle or more assertive peel. Next, Hydrate, lift and tighten the skin with Chicory root & Tara tree gum (a natural retinol alternative), as well Tahitian Monoi, carrot and Neroli from Hungary. This facial utilizes Bamboo to strengthen and moisturize the skin leaving the skin with a youthful radiance that will not go unnoticed. Comes with a 15 min. Red light therapy Treatment to boost collagen production.
- 90 Mins


Ultra Calm Facial

Begin with a calming & hydrating protective brush cleanse with the option of receiving a specially formulated gentle peel. Proceed to have unwanted blemishes removed if necessary. Relax with a hydrating face, neck, hand and arm massage. Replenish your sensitive skin with soothing ingredients like arnica, ylang yang, sesame oil and chamomile. Proceed to have a yellow therapy treatment which lessens the effects of skin conditions such as rosacea, spider veins, uv damaged skin and redness. Leave with soothed, hydrated & ultimately calm glowing skin!
- 90 Mins


Gentleman's Facial

Exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin with nettle, radish seed and whole grain oat. Enjoy a thorough extraction to remove deep-seated impurities and congestion from the skin. Receive a relaxing scalp, facial, hand & arm massage to soothe tired and tense muscles, and experience the hydrating effects of Stone crop and lemon to leave the skin feeling fully rejuvenated.
- 75 Mins


Steam & Clean

Experience a full cleanse, skin analysis, steam and extraction as well as high frequency treatment to disinfect the skin. Follow with a treatment masque of the Esthetician's choice, and moisturizer catered to skin type, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. (Recommended for Acne-prone maintenance). Add on a blue light therapy treatment for acne-clearing benefits for $25.
- 45 Mins


Baby Brow Lift

Lift, shape and fill in your brows to create a more youthful appearance. This will create the appearance of a smaller forehead and reduces the look of a receding hairline. It also causes your eye color to pop. This treatment comes complete with brow lamination, wax and tint!
- 60 Mins


Lash or Brow Tint

Give your lashes or brows the natural looking color you want without having to use mascara or fill in your brows each day!)


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