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Spa & Wellness Center

Yeshua Spa & Wellness Center is a safe haven nestled in East Windsor, CT, where you can come get away from the hustle and bustle of life and release stress with health in mind. When you decide to put yourself and your health first, body, mind and spirit, change begins to come! From our wonderful spa services to our nutrition and life coaching sessions, syngergy for the whole body can be achieved here. Please come visit!

Our  Philosophy

We see the powerful influence that nutrition has in our each and every day lives. We also see the connection between diet and disease, and how prevalent disease is today because of that. We believe that if you can embrace your own bio-individuality, learn how food interacts with it, and create sustainable lifestyle changes in the way you select and prepare food, you can change your life forever! This is what we aim to support with each and every person who pursues nutrition counseling here. Let us help you change your future!

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